Heating and boiler controller  
The district heater and boiler controller are designed on the basis of most modern criteria when operation, function, maintenance and assembling. We use newest technologies, e.g. own ASICs. The devices are equipped permanently by qualified developers with new achievement parameters and extended by functions.

The controllers are compactly developed despite the complex capacity.
The offer spectrum reaches from the simple digital boiler automatic controller to the more-chanel busable guidance automatic controller. The devices apply in close and long-distance district heating stations, block combined heat and power stations (BHKW) and boilers for all fuels.

Today the networking of devices is regarded of outstanding importance. Our controllers are busable and support ModBus, LON and M-bus.
The M-bus according to EN1434 and/or EN13757 is the main standard as simple bus system for the selection of counters (e.g. amount of heat and water meters). Our controllers can communicate with most of the available counters with M-bus.

Our controllers are inserted in compact cases with front measure 144 x 96 mm. These housing size as standard was established and is suitable particularly for the installation in fronts of scolding. The housings can be installed likewise at the wall and on mounting rails. The connection base is of the plug-in type and thus particularly low-maintenance.

The boiler controller is developed for the installation into smaller boilers and from there for manufacturers of boilers an interesting component.

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