KT-Elektronik KT-Elektronik has specialised in manufacturing and development of electronic microprocessor-controlled devices. The main operational area of the devices are the heating technology and the building automation.

The company KT-Elektronik was founded in 1981 by four electrical engineering students. It was the commonly same aim, to develope electronic devices  which should serve the optimum energy exploitation and the saving of raw materials. Our first device was logically a complex control for a (special) solar system, the "Solproz 1". There followed heating controllers, beginning with the UTS 1.0.

Today with Guenther Braeutigam one of the founders works as a manager of the KT-Elektronik GmbH. In spite of the permanent increase of company size, employee's number and range of products the foundation thought of the company has remained:

Innovative technology
for the development and production of devices
for environment-friendly technologies.

Besides, stand in particular renewable energy stream in the focus of the attention. The sparing use of energy already yields in our products fruit, because the own energy use is extremely low by the logical use of switching power supplys and energy savings technology.

Within the scope of the marketing of the electronic heating regulators a strategical partnership with the SAMSON AG was opend.
Another main focus are the developments of components for liquid amount meter for the dairy industries .

Today KT-Elektronik has approx. 30 employees, of it 20 engineers or information scientists and five skilled workers are in manufacturing. The company headquarters lie centrally in Berlin-Steglitz. There are the developing department and also the manufacturing department.


  Controllers for
  Heating and Solar thermal systems

SAMSON - A name recognized worldwide as a synonym for high-quality work, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength. We are not only known for a complete product line in instrumentation and controls, but also offer the most modern integrated automation systems. Our field of expertise extends from heating and air-conditioning technology to applications in the largest chemical plants. SAMSON operates wherever there is controlled flow of vapors, gases and liquids.

The history of SAMSON is filled with the spirit of invention. It started in 1907 when the company was founded by Hermann Sandvoss. His first patent marked the beginning of a development which still today represents one of the company's main product lines: self-operated regulators.

Since 1916, our manufacturing plant and head office have been located on the river Main in Frankfurt, Germany. Here, the product development and manufacturing take place as well as administration and warehousing.

The Frankfurt headquarters and the affiliated companies employ and train over 3,400 highly skilled specialists with a genuine commitment to SAMSON.

The reason for this loyalty to SAMSON can be found in the sound working environment. There are still old ties between the descendants of the original owner and many of the employees, whose average length of service exceeds 30 years. The progressive, yet traditional management team is committed to the name SAMSON and the quality in technical competence and partnership it stands for.


  in Frankfurt, Germany

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